TheJerrardGarage T-Shirt Printing Singapore Customised shirts at cheap price. No minimum order required.

Why choose us?

Customising a shirt can be a tedious process but we are here to help you get results instantly. We’ll ensure you have a peace of mind and receive your customise shirt happily.

Quick Turn Around & Delivery

We work every order with speed and precise. Shortest lead time and delivery for bulk purchase. Lay back relax, we got it all sorted out with a guaranteed a peace of mind.

Cheap & Transparent Pricing

We provide cheap and affordable pricing at competitive rates. We work around with your budget and ensure we deliver a quality services.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We ensure the highest standard of quality for our prints, products and services.

A Myriad Of Product Apparels

We carry a wide extensive range of product apparels. Ranging from tee shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, totebags and drawstring bags.

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Product Manager

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Product Manager

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Product Designer

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