What is the lead time?

Depending on the nature of the print

1) Silkscreen Printing orders will take 10 days or less.

2) Embroidery & Digital Printing orders will take 14 days or less.

We accept rush orders as well. Depending on complexity, we can complete within 2-5 days.

What is the minimum quantity of order?

Minimum quantity usually starts from 10 pieces. However, it is depends on the nature of design.

What are the payment methods?
1) Bank Transfer
2) Paynow
3) Cheque
4) Payment at our office location
5) GeBiz or E-invoice via Vendors.gov.sg
What are the payment terms?

50% deposit payment have to be made first.

Remaining balance payment upon receipt of goods.


For Corporate Companies, we accept Purchase Order Invoices.


We also accept payment from Government Institution through GeBiz or E-invoice. 

What printing colors are available?

For Silkscreen Printing, you may choose a pantone colour code of your preference. Do take note colour variation on computer screen may differ from end result printing colour. This is due to the difference in brightness and contrast settings for each screen.


For Heat Transfer Vinyl, please contact our staff for more information on the colours. Colours are subjected to availability.

Which printing method is the most durable?

In terms of ranking

1) Dye Sublimation

2) Embroidery

3) Silkscreen Printing

4) Digital Heat Transfer / Vinyl Transfer Printing

How should I wash my printed shirts?

Vinyl & Digital Heat Transfer printed apparels.

Best for hand wash. Always turn it inside out. DO NOT tumble dry, soak, wash with warm water or use any heat element in the washing machine. AVOID use of softener and bleach. Hang to dry immediately after wash. 


Dye Sublimation, Embroidery, Silkscreen

You may wash normally. They last over thousands of washes or as long as the lifetime of the apparel. However, for even longer durability, you may follow the care tip above.

Can I provide my own T-shirt to print?

Yes. However, it is required that we first check if the material is able to be printed on.

Are there delivery charges?

Yes, starts from $15.00 to one stated location applies.


For smaller quantity, we offer postage services
1) Singpost Basic Mailing

2) Ninjavan

Terms & Condition:
– We reserved the right to cancel/postpone deliveries
– Re-delivery charges of the same rates applies ; Failure to deliver due to incorrect address or no receiving party.

How much is the cost for per shirt?

It varies according to these factors

1) Quantity

2) Printing Location (Eg. Front / Back / Sleeve)

3) Design (According to number of colours)

4) Dimension of Design

Can I request for a physical sample?

Yes, only one physical sample is provided for orders of 1000 pieces and above. For fewer orders, TJG will provide a copy of digital artwork before order confirmation. TJG welcome customers to view sample materials or apparel we have at our office.

Are the white shirts sheer?

Generally, white shirts are sheer and translucent. We advise customers who are concerned about the sheerness of white shirts to swap to darker coloured shirts or view sample materials at our office. Please ensure you address any questions or issues regarding white shirt orders beforehand. We will not be held responsible once orders are processed.

Do you provide individual packing into plastic sheets?

We do not provide this service unless requested upon. TJG aims to play a part in conserving the environment. We strongly discourage the usage of plastic. Everyone have a role to play in saving our Mother Earth. 

Garment manufacturing flaws

We are not responsible for apparel inconsistencies related to shade of colour, sizes and quality. As garments are produced in large different batches, one batch may differ from another.

Stock balance

Stock availability are subjected to final stock count upon paid deposit. We will not be held liable for delays due to garments which are out of stock or discontinued apparels.

Return & exchange policy

 Upon receipt of goods, we only allow a maximum of 2 days to sound off for any defects. If a request for reprint is met by TJG, the customer must return the defected goods in the original condition at our location.


Following conditions:

1) Manufacturing defects (Eg.Holes)

2) Printing Error due to our negligence

3) Wrong Apparel / Size / Colour (Proof of original purchase to be shown) 


We will not be held responsible for any conditions :

1) Wrong Apparel / Size / Colour due to Customer’s negligence

2) Change of mind

3) Tone / Shade of Apparel colour are different

4) Printing Colour, Apparel Material or Quality not to customer’s expectation

5) Apparel with slight imperfections (eg. Excess threads or loose threads) are not deem as defect

6) Wear & Tear due to customer’s negligence

Reprint policy

Generally, repeat orders pricing follows :

1-4 pieces ($3 more each)

5-9 pieces ($2 more each)

For quantities of above 10 pricing, will be quoted accordingly


*Design are only kept for 1 months*

Please contact us to know the exact charges.

Pricing are subjected to changes.

Refund policy

We will not refund regardless.

Font usage

Please specify and provide fonts for your respective designs. For customise names or numbers, please do not select fonts that are cracked, sketchy, faded or too thin. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and choose the correct font (Eg. Upper casing / Lower casing) ; Some font comes only in uppercasing. TJG will follow accordingly to the customize list provided and will not be held responsible for any error.

Artwork approval

Digital artwork will be submitted for customer approval. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that all information and details are correct. This includes checking for spelling, artwork dimensions and design. No further amendments can be made after confirmation of artwork proposal. TJG will not be held liable for any cost associated with reprinting or setting up new design.

Printing Pantone Colour

If no specific pantone colour is requested for, TJG will match best according to our expertise with the design provided by customer. Please note that printing colour may vary +/-10% from end result due to difference in computer screen brightness & contrast. We will not be liable for any differences in expectation or outcome of the printed goods. 

Apparel Colour

Please note that apparel colour catalogue may vary +/-10% from end result due to difference in computer screen brightness & contrast. If apparel colour is of highest concern, we advise to view samples first. We will not be liable for any differences in expectation or outcome of the printed goods.

Printing dimension

Logo Size (9cm x 7cm) 

A4 Size (28cm x 20cm) ; Portrait or Landscape 

A3 Size (38cm x 28cm) ; Portrait ONLY


Generally, TJG will adjust the design dimension to the biggest possible unless requested upon.

All designs are printed in the same size dimension throughout all sizes.