Multi-Pattern Cotton Polo T-Shirt

Browse our Multi-Tone Cotton Polo T-Shirt collection which are available in various pattern and colour. Made of high quality mix cotton material, these are preferred choice for any corporate company uniform, events, casual wear and many other purposes. They can be customised by Silkscreen printing, Embroidery and Heat Transfer Print method.

HC10 Honeycomb Two Tone Polo
HC11 Honeycomb Three Tone Polo
HC12 Honeycomb Two Tone Polo
HC15 Honeycomb Three Tone Polo
HC19 Honeycomb Multi-Tone Polo
HC20 Honeycomb Multi-Tone Polo
HC22 Honeycomb Multi-Tone Polo
HC24 Honeycomb Multi-Tone Polo
HZ01 Honeycomb Two Tone Polo
NHB2500 Soft Touch Two Tone Polo
NHB2700 Soft Touch Multi-Tone Polo
NHB2800 Soft Touch Two Tone Polo
SJ01 Two Tone Polo
SJ04 Three Tone Polo
SJ08 Two Tone Polo
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