Printing Methods

This dedicated page is to offer you the different type of printing method for you to achieve the best quality and affordable pricing packages in the market.

Silkscreen 2


Silkscreen printing is one of the most common printing method. It is the process of transferring ink through the screen and onto the apparel.


» Very Durable and long lasting

» Very cost efficient for large quantities

» Wide variety of colours ; Able to follow Pantone colour


» Expensive for small quantities

» Expensive for multiple coloured designs

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Vinyl 1

Digital & Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing

Digital & Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing is the process of using a film and transferring it onto the apparel via intense heat.

A) For Digital Heat Transfer Printing, this printing method has the ability to do up multiple coloured designs and even gradient colours.


»  Versatile and can be printed on many material

»  Most cost friendly for multiple-coloured designs for small quantities

»  Able to print out Gradient Effect


»  Not so durable

»  Colours may fade away with time

»  Recommended to hand wash. Not suitable to be placed in dryer

B) Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing are more common for class tee printing. It provides the cheapest price for customization such as Names & Numbers. At our company, we use top notch quality PU material films instead of PVC material films. PU Films are softer, more flexible and more durable.


»  Versatile and can be printed on many material

»  Cheapest form of printing customization (Eg. Names & Numbers)


»  Not so durable

»  Recommended to hand wash. Not suitable to be placed in dryer

»  Limited colour range

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Embroidery 1


Embroidery is the process of sewing and threading the design onto the apparel. It adds texture which creates a pop-up effect. It provides an impression of quality and professionalism.A


» Most durable

» Wide variety of colours

» An impression of quality, sleekness and professionalism


» Not suitable for small and detailed designs

» Not recommended for very large and complex design

» Unable to have gradient effect

» More expensive than Silkscreen Printing
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Sublimation 2

Dye Sublimation 

Dye sublimation is the process of binding dye ink with the fabric such that it is one homogeneous material. The sky is your limit, sublimation print allows any customization of design and we can custom build it from scratch into Singlet, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Polo Collar, Raglan and more.


» Able to print Multiple and Gradient Colours

» Able to customize it freestyle and to your preference

» The print is permanent, it will not peel or fade

» No irritation of the print. You will not be able to feel the print, ink and fabric is bonded as one. 


» Can only be printed on polyester fabric material

» Pricing a little on the steep side
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