Got a last-minute job for express T-shirt printing or speedy embroidery job? No worries, you’re in the right place. Let’s get into the fast lane and discover where you can secure quick and efficient orders without unnecessary delays.


Whether you are gearing up for an upcoming event, corporate event or aiming for a unified uniform look, consider it handled. However, if you require on-the-spot printing or instant T-shirt printing services for small quantities, we may not be the best fit. TJG Print offers express T-shirt printing services as quick as 3 working days depending on the type of order and quantity.


Nonetheless, you might still be interested in exploring other options for quick custom T-Shirt printing in Singapore. Check out locations which offers on-the-spot printing services such as:

1) Queensway Shopping Centre Printing Shops
2) Sunshine Plaza Printing Shops
3) Bras Basah Printing Shops

4) Beach Road Printing Shops

Some of these printing shops offer on demand printing, offering to produce your order in as little as 1 hour. On this note, be sure to perform due diligence by checking out their type of services and reviews too.


While we do not offer on the spot printing, our quick turnaround time for express T-shirt printing is something we are proud of because not many vendors are able to offer such speed and precision. At TJG Print, we guarantee a peace of mind when you print with us.


As a Singapore T-shirt printing company, what sets us apart is our dedication and service to our customers. Our transparent pricing and quick quotation will keep you awe. Beyond that, we offer an array of ready-to-wear apparel in a diverse range, paired with a variety of printing methods such as silkscreen printing, embroidery and heat transfer printing on T-shirts, windbreakers, hoodies and polos. Notably, our minimum requirement to kick start the customization process is just 10 pieces.


This unique combination provides you with the flexibility to choose the style that suits your needs and ensure your deadlines are met with flair.

We recognize the value of your time, especially now when you are likely to require express t-shirt printing or embroidery services. The fact that you are still with us indicates that you have a moment to spare for exploring additional vendors and options.

Here are some valuable and practical tips worth noting and questioning before engaging in an Express T-Shirt Printing Services


1. Inform Deadline and Enquire Schedule

When seeking fast printing services, it is essential to engage in a dialogue with your chosen printing vendor regarding their current workload and schedule. The importance of informing the deadline for your order is very vital, so that vendors can check if the deadline is feasible. These steps gain heightened significance when urgency is a priority. With these details you gain insights on the vendor’s operational capacity and time constraints. For effective collaborations, this approach ensures that your expectations harmonise with the vendor’s workload and schedule.

2. Printing Customisation

Consider embracing simplicity in your design. This strategic choice serves a practical purpose. By keeping it simple, you eliminate the need for additional production set up, which may incur extra setup cost and extend the overall processing time. Take for example, a design with 1 colour will complete quicker as compared to design with 2-3 colours. Moreover, if you like to keep your budget in check it is good to understand the tips to cheap custom T-shirt printing services



At times, client’s may have to weigh their options if deadline or complexity of the design is more important. It is always good to share your queries with the vendor and check their feasibility of the print methods for your design.

If you still do not have the design up, here are some T-Shirt Design Template to get your designs up.

At TJG Print, we are very fast at silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing. We can be as quick as 2-3 days. As for embroidery print method, we may take 3-5 days. Hence, be sure to enquire with vendors first for your express t-shirt printing orders.

Silkscreen EG

Example of silkscreen printing

Digital Heat Transfer Scaled

Example of heat transfer printing

WB06 Model Embroidery Example

Example of embroidery

3. Check Available Stocks (Ready Stocks)

Enquire about the availability of ready-to-print stock items with the printing company. If they already have the necessary materials in-house, the entire printing process can be expedited significantly.

At TJG Print, as a t-shirt supplier in Singapore, we maintain a diverse catalogue of ready-to-print apparel. Among our popular products are Dri Fit T-shirts, Cotton T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Windbreakers, and even hoodies. This ensures a quicker start to your printing project.

4. Always Proofread

Upon receiving artwork from a vendor or supplier, the significance of meticulous proofreading cannot be overstated. The artwork essentially serves as your approval, and demands a careful review to identify and rectify any mistakes. Especially pay attention to spelling, dimension, and overall accuracy.

This due diligence not only helps avoid potential issues down the line but also contributes to a seamless service experience for all parties involved. In additional, in times of deadline urgency, the confirmation of artwork/designs have

5) Delivery and Packing

It is important to inform the T-Shirt printing vendors if you are opting for delivery or self collection. Logistics can be tricky and may affect the deadline. Hence, it is good to inform earlier and allow vendors to plan ahead. Moreover, if you are opting for individual packing of each T-shirts into plastic sheets, more time is required.

TJG Print offers courier delivery and self collection options to meet client’s deadline. By default, individual packing are not provided in conservation of the environment unless requested upon ($0.30 each). Please note, individual packing availability are subjected to the deadline too.


In conclusion, we hope these handful of tips serve as a valuable starting point on your journey. We strongly recommend early planning which allows you to apply these tips and secure affordable, high quality printed T-Shirts. In the realm of tight timelines, every detail matters, and while mistakes can be inevitable, early preparation acts as a safeguard and buffer.

If you are still seeking inspiration, explore our portfolio gallery to kickstart your creative process. Whenever you are ready, you may request for a quote or for quicker response drop us a Whatsapp 8774 0792