Supporting a favourite sports team, printing jersey for your team or are you looking to customise a gift? That said, a jersey with a personalized Name and Number will certainly make an impression for anyone and everyone.

Jerseys are a popular outfit choice for sports and CCAs. However, Jersey itself is comfortable to wear on its own even without any activity. Going beyond sports, jersey t-shirts top the chart for Class Tees and Company events.

More Than Just Name & Numbers


Almost all design involves some form of typography. Name and Numbers too. When it comes to customisation, the possibilities are endless. Are you looking at t-shirt design including a logo with Name and Numbers or simply Plain t-shirt with just Name and Number. You name it, we print it. Below are some examples :

Silver Custom Names & Numbers Printing Customization

Silver Prints with A4 Design

Neon Pink Silkscreen & Gold Heat Transfer Printing Combination

Gold Name & Numbers combine with Neon Pink Design

Vertical Custom Names & Numbers Printing Customization

Vertical Name & Numbers

Class T-Shirt Jersey Name & Numbers Customization

Classic Name & Numbers Jersey Style

Let The Font Begin! Time To Get Creative & Bold


When it comes to fonts, there are thousands or even half a million of fonts available. So which is the best font for t-shirt printing? We suggest you shortlist a few styles that you like to work on.

There are various site available that provide free fonts like (Be sure to read the terms and conditions first). These sites usually come with fonts that can be previewed with your respective name or numbers. Hence, you can customize and see how it looks.

Which Apparel To Choose?



Almost every product on our catalogue is customisable. For Name and Numbers Customisation, some of the most popular apparel category are :

Dri Fit Round Neck T-shirt

Multi Pattern Dri Fit Round Neck T-shirt
Pullover Hoodies
Basketball Singlet Jersey


If you have more budget, sublimation jersey allows you to go full on in the creative realm where you can customise everything from collars, cuffs, sleeves and add prints all over the shirts. Sublimation prints are very popular in the growing E-Sports industry. TJG Print specialize in sublimation prints to provide you the most unique and desirable team designs. Be sure to check out our sublimation templates (Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Polo).

Sublimation Name Numbers

Name & Numbers Jersey

E-Sports Sublimation Jersey Printing Rainbowsixsiege

E-Sports Jersey Sublimation

E-Sports Sublimation Jersey Printing

E-Sports Jersey Sublimation

Sublimation Printing For Class T-Shirt

Name & Design Style



The choice of t-shirt colour and design will definitely affect the printing colour. As a general rule of thumb, the key to keeping budget low is to print in mono colour. multi-colour design will definitely cost you more. Once you have the apparel color, next up will be choosing colors.

For name and number printing, we use Vinyl Heat transfer. We have previously shared a post on Vinyl Heat transfer. To find out more on the pros and cons, check it out here.

TJG Print uses superior PU Vinyl Film for Vinyl heat transfer. The main reason is the material of the film is thin (light weight) which makes it flexible and stretchable. When worn, you won’t be able to feel there is a film on it. Secondly, it is the most cost effective for lower quantities.

Vinyl heat transfer printing is also good for non-complicated designs such as basic shapes, text or numbers. They are available in libraries of colours and offers matt or shiny finishing. Vinyl paper usually comes in a roll of homogeneous single coloured film.

Besides the basic colours such as Black, Red, Yellow, White. We carry a wide range of colours like Metallic Gold, Holographic and Metallic Rainbow and Neon Pink. As these are in-demand colors, be sure to check in with us on the availability.

Custom Name & Numbers Cost


Personalising gift shouldn’t be expensive. For TJG, we do not have any minimum order quantity for this printing service. As with economies of scale, the more shirts printed will translate to lower cost for each shirt.

Name and Number printing starting from $12 (per piece) or lesser for bulk orders.

How Long Can My Shirt Last?


There are various factors as to why your t-shirt print peel. Generally, with Vinyl Heat Transfer, we can’t emphasize enough – it is always recommended to wash inside-out in the washing machine and never to wash in warm water or tumble dry.

Do not iron over print as high temperature can cause your printed shirts to peel and/or crack.

For more info and more general care tips, read about it here.

Printing Size


There isn’t really a standard size. We can print according to customer’s requested size too. Otherwise, you need not worry about this as our team have had years of experience and will adjust the size appropriately to the shirt. We want every shirt to look good and special to our customers. Thus, you can trust our team.

For example, we have a commonly used size template for Class t-shirts name & number jersey style



Group Photo of Class T-Shirt Jersey Names & Numbers Printing
Example of Class T-Shirt Jersey Name & Numbers Customization

In Singapore, there are also various printing service providers. Read about it in our previous post here. While we are not sure the exact scope of their printing services, you have more options and comparison available too. At TJG print, our specialty includes personalised names and numbers printing and we are confident of the quality of print and the outcome.

Last but not least, we hope this article helps you understand better.

Guaranteed quality prints at affordable and cheap rates are hard to find. At TJG print, we are meticulous, dedicated and committed to serving our clients. Our aim is to guarantee a peace of mind from the start to the end of your orders.

Don’t just listen to what we say. Check out our reviews!

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