Unlock Your Creativity with Budget-Friendly Class T Shirt Printing Singapore

Are you ready to dive into the world of affordable class t-shirt printing? Or perhaps you are seeking inspiration to craft a captivating design for your class t-shirt?

Continue reading to discover creative methods and tips to keep your budget in check. Whether you are a student, teacher, class representative, these imaginative strategies will enable you to fully maximise your t-shirt printing experience. Just like any other enquiry, you might be unsure about where to start or access the right information.

At TJG Print, we understand it may be your first time doing class t-shirt printing. Fret not, we are here to listen to your needs and share our advice and recommendations to all our customers. Boasting over 10 years of experience in this industry, we take immense pride in being a trusted vendor for numerous companies and schools. Our reputation speaks for itself as reflected by the glowing reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customer. Our mission is to provide cheap, fast and good quality T-Shirt Printing to our customers. We understand that as students, these personalized items may stretch your allowance. By providing competitive prices and various cost-savings options (which we will delve into further below), we strive to make class apparel accessible to all.


If you’re searching for custom jackets, windbreakers, hoodies or any other product for any of your school or an upcoming event, look no further. We provide tailored solutions with exclusive pricing options for both teachers and students.

Why Do You Need a Custom Class T-Shirt?

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Class T-shirts embody a sense of belonging, foster camaraderie, and leave a lasting impact on the school years. Our education journey from primary school, secondary school, junior college and university presents numerous opportunities for you to design a class T-shirt together with your classmates and friends.

For students, these personalised shirts become cherished keepsakes of their school years. For teachers, they serve as an excellent tool to build classroom unity and reinforce the school spirit. Together, they create an inclusive environment that celebrates togetherness and a shared purpose. To understand further, we have create an article on the top 6 reasons why you should have a class t-shirt. Moreover, T-shirts remain wearable even after graduating from school, carrying memories of the transformative years spent together.

First and foremost, acquiring an understanding of the factors that will impact your cost can be advantageous. This understanding can help you save time, optimise design efforts, and make informed budget conscious decisions.

6 Tips For Cheaper Class T-Shirt Printing

1. Colours in Your Design

As a general guideline, an increase in the number of colours will result in more cost per piece. To illustrate using the Silkscreen printing method printing a design with one color tends to be more economical compared to a design with two colors. This is due to the need for setting up separate mold blocks for each color in a two-colored design.

Silkscreen Printing

Example of 1 Colour Silkscreen Printing

IMG 20200827 155609 Scaled

Example of 2 Colours Silkscreen Printing

If your design is a small logo consisting of multiple colours, silkscreen print will get steeper in pricing. We either recommend going with DTF Printing or Embroidery. For a cheaper budget, it will be DTF printing. DTF Printing is able to achieve gradient colours and have vibrant print out. Otherwise, embroidery is slightly more pricey but they are the most durable type of print method. However, for embroidery print method, there is backing behind. This may cause abrasion and itchiness. Hence, usually for the comfort of class T-shirts, our customers normally will go with DTF Printing instead.

2. Quantity

Quantity volume plays a significant role in keeping the cost per piece low. As the saying goes, the more you order, the cheaper it becomes. With a typical class size of 30 students, you can take advantage of volume discounts. Moreover, during promotion period for students only, free delivery are entitled for orders above 30 pieces (Please check with our staff first)

3. Printing Location

Adding on to quantity, the number of printing locations on a t-shirt also influences the overall cost. Additional printing location requires its own setup and production process. While a single location design might be more budget friendly, printing multi locations can add depth and uniqueness. Hence, it is important to strike a balance between design intricacy and cost considerations to achieve visually appealing yet cost effective results.

4. Printing Size

Some commonly include logo size, A4 and A3 dimensions. The larger designs tend to be more costly due to the increased labor hours and raw materials required for production. As your design’s size increases, it can demand more intricate detailing.

For further examples relating to each of these points and more, they are outlined in our tips for cheap custom t-shirt print articles.

5. Custom Names and Numbers

Adding custom names and numbers printing brings more meaning into a class t-shirt order. It creates more sense of belonging to the class which helps to bond more. Printing unique name and numbers of your choice do add more cost to your Class T-Shirt.

For example, printing names and numbers will be more costly compared to printing only custom names. The cost is also dependent on how big the custom name & numbers. However, it is all worthwhile and very meaningful. At TJG Print, we specialize in custom names and numbers jersey printing and we are confident we print the best quality at affordable rates. Also, not to worry, our films are high quality with longer durability so that the prints will not peel off or crack that quick.

Green Turquoise Vinyl

Example of Custom Names & Numbers
at the back of T-Shirt

IMG 8933

Example of Custom Names

6. Lead Time

Yes, lead time is very important. If you have a rushed order that requires express T-Shirt printing services, it is generally more expensive. Be sure to check with your vendors if you have any urgent orders or deadlines. It is always best to buffer more time to prevent any complications and not to budge your budget due to express printing charges.

Our Customisable Products

Within our catalogue, you will discover a diverse array of options, including hoodies, windbreakers, jackets and even corporate gifts items. Regardless of occasion, Whether it is for a graduating class, a CCA (Co-Curricular Activity), a school camp, or any other leisure activity interest group, we offer choices to suit every requirement. To enjoy the student discount, we encourage students to unite and collaborate on a design for bulk order. Our most popular bundle orders are T-Shirt and Windbreaker bulk orders. This bundle set ordering will unlocks the benefits of special volume discount.

Most Popular Apparel For Class T-Shirt Printing

When it comes to Class T-shirt printing, our stand out options for Class T-shirt apparel is Dri Fit Eyelet Round Neck T-Shirt and Comfy Cotton Round Neck T-shirt are our best sellers. These shirts have garnered popularity among students due to their wide range of vibrant colours, providing a fun and varied selection. Starting at an affordable price of just $5.90, these remains the popular choice due to budget-friendly price. For the Eyelet Dri Fit T-Shirt, the main feature of it is that, it keeps you cool and fresh all day. For Comfy Cotton T-Shirt, they are well balance in terms of thickness and will be suitable for Singapore. Understand more about the difference between Dri Fit Vs Cotton to know which material suits you the best.

QD04 Latest

Dri Fit Eyelet Round Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

CT51 Round Neck 23 March 2023

Comfy Cotton Round Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

For teachers or uniform groups (CCAs), seeking a more refined appearance. Our collation of Polo T-shirts or Long Sleeve Round Necks are available in both Dri Fit and Cotton variants. Explore this range for a sophisticated look that suits your needs. At TJG Print, you can mix and match your apparels.

For outerwear and jacket, TJG Print’s most popular choice of apparel are the single side windbreakers which stands out as a versatile choice. School life presents scenarios where you find yourself in air-conditioned environments for extended periods or requiring customisation for events such as school performances and activities. This is where our windbreakers and jackets come into play, emerging as favoured options. Even for sporting activities, our windbreakers are preferred choice for warm up apparels. Our windbreakers are lightweight and cooling which are very suitable for Singapore’s weather.

If you have higher budget you may consider the reversible windbreakers too. They are great choice for students too because they can print on both reverse sides or keep one side plain. Keeping one side plain is a popular choice because students who like to use it after school hours can simply flip to the plain side without any showcase of school logos and can be use as fashion outerwear apparel.

Moreover, we are the only few vendors in Singapore that are capable to do silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing or embroidery on windbreakers. Understand more on our guide on customize windbreakers printing in Singapore.

Custom Roles Printing Windbreaker Example

Example Of Single Side Windbreaker

Silkscreen Printing On Reversible Windbreaker Example

Example of Reversible Windbreaker

How To Start T-Shirt Printing With Us?

The first step is always daunting, but subsequently, it gets easy and more fruitful. We understand it may be your first time doing T-Shirt printing and you have no clue where to start on. Especially as a student, you may not have prior knowledge about designing and the budget to hire artist to design your T-shirts.

As such, we compile an article for 4 T-Shirt templates you can use for designing up your T-Shirt. With this, you can bring your ideas and designs to life onto the T-Shirts without any designing fee. Awesome! Along with our Cheap, Fast and Good Quality T-Shirt Printing services we provide, you can now brag to your friends about your cheap custom printed class T-Shirts.

Feel free to enquire our friendly staff for any help or questions with regards to your T-Shirt printing orders. We are always here to listen and provide advice accordingly.

Our most asked question : How much does it cost?

To provide you with a clearer perspective, let us delve into some concrete examples of how costs can be influenced. For illustration, we will consider a class consisting of 40 students, using the our most popular Eyelet Dri Fit T-Shirt as a baseline reference.

Example 1

One of the most popular option is the request for custom names and numbers printing.  Assuming there is no design in front. Only back name and number printing will cost approximately $9.90 each only. Our budget friendly pricing makes it affordable for all students.

Example 2

Another option featuring a T-shirt design consisting of two colours only. By Silkscreen printing, the cost per piece / person comes to $8.25 each.

Lastly, we strongly recommend that students opt for a single design across all 40 pieces, rather than having multi-coloured designs or two different designs for the same quantity. Most important is that every student is comfortable and happy to be paying a price they deem worthy. We understand the struggles of some students having very tight financial. Hence, our pricing are catered as low as possible so that everyone can take part in and will not be left out as a class.

If you’re ready to create memorable class apparel. Take the first step today by exploring our collection. Simply send us your design and quantity via request for quotation and our team will get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to let us know which school you belong to as well, so that we can work on a special deal that is unique to you!