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Why Do T-Shirt Printing?

T-shirt printing serves as an outstanding method to promote your brand, company and foster team unity. It can also help create memorable keepsakes for various events. Whether it is for corporate events, family reunions, school functions, or sports teams, custom apparel provides a distinct means to cultivate a sense of belonging.  



Furthermore, amidst the evolving climate, an increasing number of schools and companies are opting for corporate polo tees as part of their daily wear or uniform. This shift is attributed to the inherent design of Dri Fit and Cotton Polo shirts, which strike a balance between professionalism and comfort, making them suitable for various settings. We curated an article of 6 benefits of having a custom corporate T-shirt which will be an eye-opener and good learning tips.


T-shirt printing for schools and class T-shirts have been increasingly in demand as most schools advocates a stronger sense of unity, bond and friendship. An environment with students having a greater sense of belonging creates a better studying environment for learning and education. As such, we further compile an article on 6 reasons why you should have a class T-shirt and how to get cheap class t-shirt printing which you will love to read.  

Types Of T-shirt Printing Method

TJG print offers a variety of printing methods to cater for different printing needs. Here are some examples of the printings that we do.

  1. Silkscreen printing provides high-quality, durable prints, lasting thousands of washes. This method uses a stencil and ink to create the design that can be reproduced multiple times onto different products, making it a cost effective option for bulk quantities.

2. Digital/Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing: This method uses a heat press machine and special paper to transfer designs onto the t-shirt. It’s versatile and great for non-complicated designs. One of the favourites among students for class tees and sports team is the personalised name and number printing. Whereas Digital Heat Transfer is great for complicated designs with gradients.

3. Embroidery: For a premium look, embroidery stitches designs directly onto the apparel. It is highly durable and adds a professional touch to Polo T-shirts, Windbreakers, Jackets, Caps and more. The layered embroidery makes it a little more 3D and the pop up texture creates a more branded and professional look.


4. Sublimation Printing: Your creativity can be unleashed for this type of print method. It allows fully printed T-shirts in multiple colours or gradient. It is the process of dyeing the inks into the T-shirts such that they are bonded chemically. The prints cannot be felt and they are embedded into the material. The prints will not fade or peel off.

Silkscreen EG

Example of silkscreen printing

Digital Heat Transfer Scaled

Example of heat transfer printing

WB06 Model Embroidery Example

Example of embroidery

Sublimation Print

Example of Sublimation Printing

Choosing The Right T-Shirt

Selecting the right type of apparel is crucial to comfort. Understanding your intention and use of T-shirts can help you to make better decisions. With that, here are some factors to consider:



Cotton is soft to touch and are a little more structured. Most corporate events or companies usually go with Cotton material for a more professional look. Dri-Fit (polyester) is durable and comes with moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh and cooling. Here is a more indepth article on Dri Fit Vs Cotton material.


Choose colours that complement your design, event theme or brand. Both our cotton and dri fit apparels apparels come in a myriad of colours and tone. 

Finding A Reliable T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore

Consider the following criteria:  



Request to view samples whenever you can ; check out past projects

💵 Price and value:
While cost is important, priorities value over the cheapest options. Compare prices among different printing service providers, but also consider quality of work and level of service provided.



Lead Time:

Urgent express T-shirt printing can be a daunting task. Be sure to check with vendors if the deadline for your orders are feasible.


Customer Reviews:
Check online platforms, social media, and review websites for feedback from past clients to gauge reliability and customer service. 


Customer Service:
Evaluate responsiveness and professionalism of the company’s customer service team. They should be able to address your inquiries promptly.


T-Shirt printing in Singapore provides a diverse range of options tailored to your unique requirements, whether for a corporate event or personalised gifts. We trust that the insights shared in this article have been valuable to you. To further enhance cost saving and effectiveness, consider exploring tips and tricks to cheap custom T-shirt printing service.


As we wrap up, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.