Choosing the perfect corporate gifts can be challenging, but we’re here to make it easier for you.

We have curated a selection of universally-loved options that are sure to please most recipients. What is even better is that these gifts are customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your liking, ensuring they are appreciated and utilisable for an extended period.

When it comes to corporate gifts, customizable t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and tote bags are consistently among the popular choices. These items not only serve practical purposes but also provide an excellent canvas for customization, ideal for showcasing your design. Whether it is featuring a company logo, a slogan, a thoughtful massage, or unique design, these versatile gifts allow you to craft a lasting and personalised impression on your clients, employees or customers.

For the finest corporate gifts in Singapore, check out our selection below.

1. Custom T-Shirt Printing

A well-designed t-shirt is a timeless and appreciated gift, fitting seamlessly into any dress code.

Whether it is for a company outing, dress-down day, a new employee welcome pack, or a memorable giveaway at events, custom T-shirt printing with company logos infuses a touch of style and identity.

Explore the variety of T-shirts, from classic Polo Shirts to options in short or long sleeves, offering choices that cater to diverse preferences.

Couple this with an array of printing methods like Silkscreen printing, Digital Heat Transfer and Embroidery to bring your design to life with vibrancy and precision.

Custom T-Shirt Example

Custom T-Shirt

Corporate Polo Shirt Example

Custom Polo T-Shirt Corporate Uniform

Reversible Windbreaker Example

Reversible Windbreaker Corporate Jakcets

2. Custom Bags Printing

Customised bags not only enhance your brand visibility but may also become a part of your recipients daily routines. The versatility of these options ensures there is a bag for every occasion.

A4 Printed Tote Bag Corporate Gift

A4 Canvas Tote Bag

A3 Jute Bag Corporate Gift Example

A3 Jute Bag

Drawstring Bags Corporate Gift Example

Drawstring Bags

Non-woven Bag Corporate Gift Example

A4 Non-woven Bags

Backpack Bags Corporate Gift Example

Backpack Bag

Tote Bags are versatile and eco-friendly for carrying everyday essentials. Whether used for work, shopping, or events, these bags offer a fashionable canvas for displaying your company logo. Tote bag printing have always been an affordable and profession form of corporate gift. Adding brand logos to it are great brand advertisement and awareness.

Jute Bag for an environmentally conscious touch, makes sustainable and visually appealing gifts. Their durability and natural aesthetic make an excellent choice for eco-friendly products. Yes, do not forget, we can always add custom printing to Jute Bags too. 

Drawstring Bags are lightweight and convenient. Great for sports events and goodie bags. Drawstring bags normally are in Canvas material or Nylon material. Both are durable and good for any day to day use.

Non-Woven Bags are lightweight, durable and eco-friendly, non-woven bags offer a contemporary and budget friendly choice.  If you are looking to customise Non-woven Bags printing , TJG Print offers cheap and good quality printing services. Customising these bags with company logo not only promotes your brand but also aligns with sustainable practices. This top-selling option has gained popularity as more companies make the eco-conscious shift from plastic bags to non-woven alternatives.

Backpack Bags serve multiple function such as carrying day to day important equipment such as laptops, stationery, work essentials and more. Our backpack bags that we carry are of high quality and professional looking. We have a huge variety of designs and pattern that will spoil you for choices. 

3. Custom Drinkware Gift Printing

Customise Mugs Corporate Gift


Vacuum Flask Corporate Gift Example

Vacuum Flask

Water Bottle Corporate Gift

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Cups, Mugs, Vacuum Flask, Water Bottles and Tumblers are all under the drinkware family tree. They have been increasingly popular and ideal choice for corporate gifts that merge functionality with elaborate design. Traditional mugs and cups are still popular but if you find them boring, we have an evolution of better designed drinkwares such as Water Bottles , Tumblers and Flask. Trendy and on the go tumblers and water bottles provide a convenient way to stay hydrated during hectic workdays. “Water is Life” , drinkware are part and parcel of our life. It is a gift product that will never go wrong.

Moreover, people are packing hot or cold coffee, tea and beverages for their daily consumption. With our vacuum flask, they are great in keeping them cold or warm for hours.

Now that the product functionality have been served, we move on to bigger ideas to make your drinkware gifts a perfect choice to go with.

Adding custom prints on drinkwares are a good way to promote company’s camaraderie and a sense of belonging. When employees received them as gifts, they feel a sense of belonging and feel more welcomed. Good gifts will be remembered and stays in the heart which creates meaning. Additionally, drinkwares with custom brand logo printed on it helps promote brand awareness and a form of advertisement.

4. Custom Towels

Silkscreen Printing On Towels

Silkscreen Print on Towels

Embroidery Logo on Towels

Logo Embroidery On Towels

Embroidery Custom Names On Towels

Custom Names Embroidery on Towels

Towels printing makes it an affordable and versatile choice of corporate gifts. Towels are essential for our day to day usage and it functions with many purposes. TJG Print offers both silkscreen printing and embroidery service on towels. These two are the most recommended choice of print on towels. To make it even more unique and personalize, we can do custom names embroidery on towels too.

5. Custom Embroidery Patches

Iron On Patches Example

Iron On Embroidery Patches

Velcro Embroidery Patches Example

Velcro Embroidery Patches

Velcro Name Tag Patches Example

Custom Velcro Name Tags
(Popularized by Running Man)

Embroidery patches are moving in trend now as they can be customize into different shapes and sizes which makes it special. You can customise names to make it even more meaningful and personalized. Custom velcro name tags have also been popularized by the “Running Man” TV Show and more client’s are looking into this creative idea too.

There are three different backings to embroidery patches. Firstly, the Iron On Embroidery Patches. As the name says it, it is simply transferring the patches using ironing. Home DIY irons are effective to transfer them to the garment you intended.

Secondly, we have the Velcro Embroidery Patches which is a little more complex as there are two sides to it. One is the loop side (Furry Side) and other is hook side. Normally, the patches are the hook side. The empty velcro at the loop side are sewn onto the garment of your choice.

Lastly, there is an option to opt without any backings to the patches. Normally, these are gifts meant to be kept for souvenir or can be DIY sewn-on directly to the garment.


There you have it – five outstanding corporate gifts that stand the test of time. These recommended gifts are a versatile choice, offering enduring appeal. Consider placing bulk orders for corporate gifts to reduce costs. Additionally, corporate gifts play a pivotal role in strengthening relationships, leaving a lasting impression on those who receive them.